PointsAway: 2015 Edition

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You can travel the world for free using frequent flyer miles and hotel points.

Don't believe it? I've booked 120,000+ miles of free airfare and weeks' worth of free stays at 5-star hotels for my family and friends. Each week, I also show readers at PointsAway.com how to take the trips of their dreams while saving thousands.

This book is the ultimate guide to travel deals and budget travel, helping you save thousands of dollars on your dream trip using miles and points programs. It contains every tip, trick and secret of free travel and cheap travel that I know.

New for 2015 are new chapters covering a variety of additional airline programs, the world's largest hotel chain and chapters dedicated to showing you how to become a VIP in Las Vegas and on cruises!

What You'll Learn:

• You'll discover how to quickly and easily rack up tens of thousands of miles and points without leaving home and see how you can start instantly earning free travel while shopping or dining out.

• You'll learn how to find and book the best award flights, cheap plane tickets and free nights at luxury hotels, bringing your dream trip in reach.

• You'll uncover the secrets to companion passes, traveling in First and Business Class for free.

• You'll learn how to construct your very own round-the-world trip for less than the cost of one domestic flight.

• You'll receive VIP treatment worldwide after quickly gaining elite status with the world's leading airlines and hotels.

• You'll learn how to gain access to exclusive airport lounges without paying for expensive memberships.

For beginners, this book contains everything you need to know. For veterans of air travel and savvy points and miles earners, the secrets of earning elite status and free upgrades will be incredibly valuable.

Your dream adventure doesn't have to wait a minute longer. Learn how your next trip is just...points away!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – A Football Game Taught Me How To Travel For Pennies

Chapter 2 – Points & Miles: Exploring The Possibilities

Chapter 3 – The Financials Of Free Travel

Chapter 4 – Conquer Minimum Spend Requirements & Manufacture Points

Chapter 5 – The Power Of Ultimate Rewards

Chapter 6 – Exploring Membership Rewards

Chapter 7 – The Third Way: Travel Reimbursement Cards

Chapter 8 – Valuing Points & Miles

Chapter 9 – Fees, Taxes & Surcharges, Oh My!

Chapter 10 – Airline Alliances: Your Ticket To (Almost!) Anywhere

Chapter 11 – Hacking Award Flights: The Power Of Stopovers & Open-Jaws

Chapter 12 – Flying On The Wings Of American Airlines

Chapter 13 – From Georgia To The World: Flying With Delta Air Lines

Chapter 14 – Rhapsody In The Skies: Flying With United Airlines

Chapter 15 – Going Anywhere With Alaska Airlines

Chapter 16 – Suite Dreams: Flying With Singapore Airlines

Chapter 17 – Fit For Royalty: Flying With British Airways

Chapter 18 – Jetting Away With Virgin Atlantic

Chapter 19 – Flying In Style With Virgin America

Chapter 20 – The Friendliest Skies: Flying With Southwest Airlines

Chapter 21 – New York’s Finest: Flying With JetBlue

Chapter 22 – Round The World Tickets: Circle The Globe For Free

Chapter 23 – Oasis At The Airport: Your Fast-Pass To Airport Lounges

Chapter 24 – Riding The Rails: All Aboard Amtrak Guest Rewards

Chapter 25 – Own The High Seas: An Insider's Guide To Carnival Cruises & Royal Caribbean

Chapter 26 – Taking The Lion's Share: Becoming A Vegas VIP With MGM Resorts

Chapter 27 – Caesar's Finest: Winning Big With Caesars Entertainment

Chapter 28 – Nights Or Flights: The Unique Value Of Starwood Preferred Group & Starwood Points

Chapter 29 – Your Gold Passport To The 5-Star Life: Staying With Hyatt Hotels

Chapter 30 – Business And Pleasure: Staying With InterContinental Hotels Group

Chapter 31 – At Home Worldwide: Staying With Marriott

Chapter 32 – Globally American: Staying With Hilton Hotels

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PointsAway: 2015 Edition

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